Subitem - Number Column Sum

Hi - Can you add the sum feature in an Subitem number’s column? I know it can be in done in the main category or as a parent. I do need the sum in the subitem section.


Hi Abbie,

Can I assume you’re referring to wanting the subitems group to have the same functionality of the feature “Board Footers Are Active”, which shows the column footers aggregation for the whole board and is activated under Labs? If so, that feature is only described for main items, and after playing around a little I can’t see a way to add them to subitems. You can always submit a feature request though!: Feature requests - monday Community Forum

As a workaround, have you considered a dashboard view? The numbers widget allows you to select numbers columns out of the subitems, so you can see a count, sum etc.

Thanks for your question!
Shawna from Launch Point

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