Timesheet - Sum Hours

I have a group in a board in which I need to follow up on meeting and their hours.
Currently Im using a number column to sum the amount of hours.
I need that the sum function will sum all my subitems of the “numbers” columns. How do I do that?

hi @Reut.h

You can summarize your subitem numbers column to the parent item (click the 3 dots in the subitems number column and select “Show Summary on Parent Item”. However, this creates a special kind of mirror column in your board (at the item level) and that mirror column can’t show a group / board summary.

A workaround is to use the app Rollup Subitems (see https://monday.com/marketplace/10000124) which summarizes the subitems number column (and other columns) into a “normal” numbers column in the parent. That numbers column at the item level can be summarized in the group / board footer.

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