Overall Summary on a Subitems Summary Formula Column

I wonder how can we add an Overall Summary like regular Columns but on a Subitems Summary Formula Column



Best way to do that is to ‘summarize’ on parent column. Click the dropdown of the subitem column and select ‘Show Summary on Parent Item’


Hello, thanks for your reply.

If I do “Show Summary on Parent Item” I only sum inside subitems on parent. What I want is a summary of different parent items.

Hey @Tonin I gotcha, there are a couple extra ways to do that.

  1. add a connect board column and connect the board to itself. Then Mirror the ‘Subitem’ formula from the other related items. And then select the items you want to see the sum of their subitems.


  1. if you just want to see a summary of all the subitems on the board you can create a pie chart or bar chart with X axis as ‘Board’ and Y Axis as the ‘sum’ of all the Numbers column

Option 1

Option 2

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Wow! That second option really helped on.
It’s better than a regular summary, thanks a lot!

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