Adding Sum to summary row

I have a column showing the total amount of subitems on the item, but I would like for the Item Totals to also appear in the summary row at the bottom of the group. Is this possible?

hi @caro.brown

Welcome to the community! Unfortunately the column in the parent item showing the sum of the subitems does not support the “Show column summary”. There is an alternative with the app Rollup Subitems that actually show the same number but in a regular numbers column in the parent item. That regular column can be summarized with the “Show column summary” option.

The app is capable of much more, like filtering and the fact that you can type in a number in the same parent column just in case that item does not have subitems.

Thank you, Bas! This looks like a great app, I will have to see if we have budget for it.

The good news is that it is just a one-time fee (no subscriptions)

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Hey @caro.brown - the app @basdebruin proposed is awesome!

If purchasing an app is not in the cards, a workaround could be to create a formula column with {Total} as the formula. Formula columns will show group summaries where mirrored columns will not.

Hope this helps,

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That is a great tip, thank you!!