Column type in sub category - summing up the cells and showing up at the top of the item and the group

if i chose subitem column as numbers and show the results at the top (item level) then it does not show at the footer of the group. how do I get to have the total of the sub items show at the item level AND the total of the items shows at the bottom of the category

hi @riadA

Welcome to the community. I guess you are summarizing the subitem (numbers) to the parent item, which will show the total number for all subitems into the parent item. However, the column in the parent board that shows this summary does not have the possibility to summarize the total in the footer. That is because this summary column is not a real numbers column (it’s a special kind of mirror).

The app Rollup Subitems (see rolls up the subitems number into a real number in the parent (that will summarize in the footer because it is a normal number column).