Sum of values from a column in subitems

Hi Have two columns (mirror columns) named total assets and total hours in subitems. How do I sum them up and show them on the main item level using sum formula?

hi @ameya.athalye

In the subitems column menu (3 dot menu in column header) you can select “show summary in parent”.

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Hi @ameya.athalye @basdebruin

In order to complete the information.

In the menu of the column mirror, you can customize the information. In “settings” you can choose between SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN… etc.

I tried that. It doesn’t show the sum but instead shows all assets separated by comma. Something like this “5,2,3,1,3”.

I don’t see those options. Can you elaborate?

When your subitems column is a text column, you will get 1,2,3
When your subitems column is a number column, you will get 6

It is neither. It’s a mirror column. Sorry I should’ve stated that. I’m pulling the values for hours and assets from a different board using connect board. Can you copy value from one column (mirror type) to another column (text or number type)?

That is a completely different story :slight_smile: . As far as I know making doing the “create summary in parent” does shows mirror columns always as text. (1,2,3)