Subitem Formula (sub-items_formula)

I seem to be having some issues with displaying the total amount from all subitems in the parent item; only when there are multiple subitems. One subitem is fine to display the total as a dollar value, multiple subitems as a dollar value displays an error message in the parent column.
If the formula for the subitem is a “sum” it’s ok, though when I change it to display as a dollar value instead of a number, it’s shows an error.

I am in agreement here. This would be helpful for invoicing, inventory tracking, and I am sure a whole bunch of other things!

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I have found a bit of a workaround for this. If you just need to add up the quantities of your subitems, you can add a sum of those quanities in the parent item like this:

I hope this helps!

Yes, I found the show summary on parent item to. Which is fine - except I then need to total up each Sub item total at the bottom of the column - Super useful for time and cost tracking. Can’t seem to do that…