Subitem Formula (sub-items_formula)

I seem to be having some issues with displaying the total amount from all subitems in the parent item; only when there are multiple subitems. One subitem is fine to display the total as a dollar value, multiple subitems as a dollar value displays an error message in the parent column.
If the formula for the subitem is a “sum” it’s ok, though when I change it to display as a dollar value instead of a number, it’s shows an error.

I am in agreement here. This would be helpful for invoicing, inventory tracking, and I am sure a whole bunch of other things!


I have found a bit of a workaround for this. If you just need to add up the quantities of your subitems, you can add a sum of those quanities in the parent item like this:

I hope this helps!

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Yes, I found the show summary on parent item to. Which is fine - except I then need to total up each Sub item total at the bottom of the column - Super useful for time and cost tracking. Can’t seem to do that…


Hey James, this is exactly what I’m looking to do; however, it doesn’t sum the items for me. It inserts them with commas. Any idea why?

Hey Lozzalingo!

This is actually a pretty simple fix thankfully! IF you hove over the far right side of your “Subitems Unit Price” column, there should be a dropdown option. Click that and then click “Column Settings”. From here you should see something like this:

You just nee to change your “Show Summary as” option.

I hope this helps!

Hi! I don’t know if I should open a new item, so I’m just going to comment on here.

So I have the same issue. And the fix works, but then it won’t show me the summary of the parent column. Is that possible? Because I would need the sum of the parent column as well.

Thank you!

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@Chris2022 have you got a screenshot? Not quite sure what you mean

Of course!

screenshot monday

On the right a regular numbers column, including a summary of the column (circeled).
On the left a summary of the subitems column. I want to add a summary of that column. But I can’t or don’t know how. So my question is… can I? and how?

Does that make sense?
So it should show €60 next to the €120

Hi Chris,

This is my work around.
“Show summary on parent item” of the “costs” subitem column. I then create a formula, and the formula is simply “{client costs}” which shows the sum of all subitems in that column. Then you can change your “sum” at the bottom of the parent formula to be a sum and to be in your currency.

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Hi Matthew,

That works! I was hoping to keep the amount of columns to a minimum, but this is fine. Thank you so much! :smile:

Hi Matthew, this is a good way, though I cannot put the money my self for the items that do not have a subitem

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Maybe the column is not setup as a number?