Subitem Budget Totals Reflected in Parent Budget Column

I keep trying to find an answer to this that does not involve a third party app that I have to pay more money for or using “Show Summary in Parent Item” so I’m posting again in hops of being directed to the right place or beg for this to be changed by

Can please automatically have budget numbers on a subitem be included in the parent budget coloumn? Or can anyone show me how to do this?

The “Show Summary in Parent Item” does not get reflected in Parent budget column so more items are created and I had to create a dashboard to see the total budget for a project. This seems like a basic function in any other project managment software or spreadsheet I’ve used.

I also don’t want to have to pay to use a third party app. As a non-profit, every dollar counts and we can work around this, but it’s annoying and we don’t want to have to create dashboards for everything.

Hey Stephanie,

Sorry to hear of your frustration!

I want to make sure I am understanding exactly what you’re trying to achieve here. Are you looking to combine the subitem total into the parent item total? You’re welcome to share/annotate a screenshot so I can take this with the relevant team internally!