How do I add subitems together to create an actual cost in the parent item?

I have a budget with a total cost that could be made up of several sub item costs. I would like to add all of these costs and have them roll up into an actual total on the parent item, but I can’t figure out how. For example, if I have a software budget of $200 and I purchase $10 for Excel (subitem 1), $20 for Word (subitem 2) and $50 for Outlook (subitem 3), I want the software budget to show an actual of $80. Thanks in advance!

You would use “Show summary on parent item”. This is a shortcut for creating a Mirror column in the parent, linked to the subitems.
That will give you a column like “Budget Spent”. Then you’d have another column for “Initial Budget”, and finally a formula column to do {Initial Budget} - {Budget Spent} to give you $200-$10-$20-$50 = $80.



Good afternoon,

Thank you, this works. However, when I added columns for Budget Actual and Budget Status, it retains the sum on the status and doesn’t allow me to add a sum for the actual. I want these reversed, but I don’t know how.

Would you please help me with this?




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Unfortunately it is a bug in right now where they show you the option to “Show summary as” on the mirror column, but it doesn’t actually put any summary in the footer like you want.

The work-around is to make another Formula column that is simply equal to the Mirror column. Then the summary of that formula column will work. You can hide the mirror column or drag to the far right.



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