No summaries/reporting working in mirrored column


I am struggling to figure out whether I have a bug or if it is just not possible to have a summary row at the bottom of mirrored columns. Because of this I cant get a summation of numbers or create reports. Please help! I click on column settings and it allows me to hit sum but does nothin after that.


Hey! Thanks so much for replying. I have done it a few times and I click sum as I should, but nothing shows up at the bottom. All of my columns that are not mirrored show the sum but ones that are do not show the sum. I am talking about the summary at the bottom, that usually will show the total of whatever is in that column unless I click hide

Hi @shinewindows - This may be a bug. I just added a brand new mirror column and was able to reproduce the lack of a total once I set it up. I’ll report it to support and see what they say.

Edit - Support says it’s not fully supported right now, hopefully will be resolved when other mirroring updates come out later this year. I know they are working on multi-mirroring which is still in dev. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

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Thank you so much! At least I know I’m not going crazy

Just wanted to post that I was able to resolve the issue by using the format column which allowed me to duplicate the column I needed to get the sum. I then collapsed the column to hide the original column.