Mirror Column Summary (Sum for Mirrored Number column)

We use the mirrored columns on monday to compare predicted numbers to actuals figures. The most annoying thing is that it doesn’t show/bring through the column totals like on a normal number column. It would be really handy if this worked so we could compare on one board rather than having to flick between boards.

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Hi Charlotte, welcome to the Monday community!
I do not know if I understand you correctly. If you mean that you would like to see the total of multiple items from one board (the total coming from a number column on multiple items) implemented via a link to item-, and a mirror column in a new board, then I am totally agreeing. This would be seriously handy to quickly compare the sum multiple items on a different (more high level) board.

Hey @dplcharlotte and @Eltjo,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I think this is a great idea.

Just to clarify and ensure I pass along the right feature request, you are looking to add a footer to mirror columns that have numbers to add up the total?

We are working on adding a lot more functionality to our link and mirror column options so stay tuned and keep crushing it on monday. :slight_smile:


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Hi JustinJ, good to hear that you guys are working on new functionality for the mirror column. We are using those columns more and more. I am not sure about the request from dplcharlotte but I can explain what I meant.

**We work with three multidisciplinaire agile development teams. These teams work in sprints of 2 weeks (see screenshot of the High Level Sprint Board).

In this board I use the link to column to get the items that are scheduled for this sprint from a backlog board of a project.
For example, in the image you now see that 4 items are planned in ‘sprint 18’ for the NLdoet project and 5 items for the Espero project.

The ‘Total …’ column that belongs to NLdoet displays 1.5. This is the number that belongs to the first of the four items. My wish would be to show here the total of the four items (which is a total of 11).

This gives me the possibility to link all items from the backlog board to this board under ‘sprint 18’, so that I know the total of the estimate of a backlog of a project.

The first column of this high level sprint planning board then displays the total of the different backlog boards (a sum of the two ‘total …’ columns on the right).

In addition, it would be very, very cool to display the average of the status in the ‘Average status’ column in my image. Like the ‘footer’ of the status column, or the battery of the dashboard.
In this way, as a project manager, I can see the status of multiple projects in one go on my high level sprint board.

Thanks! I hope my explanation is clear like this

Hi @JustinJ

That’s exactly what I mean! I am sometimes comparing the total of number of days from a mirrored column and cant see the total which is the slightly frustrating bit.

I’m just trying to figure out how you made the “average status” column… Also, being able to use the “totals” from a column would be awesome.

Hi @Eltjo, @dplcharlotte, having the same problem. It would be great if mirrored number columns showed column totals like a normal number column. Thanks!

Workaround: I don’t know if this supports your scenario, but here’s what I do. After creating the mirrored column, simply create a formula column that just refers to that column. That column will now have the summary line to sum, count, etc. I then hide the mirrored column and move it to the right end to keep it out of the way.

I had the same need and have been using the same workaround, but it is a shame really to have to create a separate column. I have some boards where almost all columns are mirror columns, it doubles up the number of columns. @devteam: would it be an easy change to make?

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I encountered this same thing: if you have a column of numbers on a board, you have a footer at the bottom that will display the total. But if you mirror that same column to another board, you have no ability to see the sum in a footer on the new board. Seems simple!

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How do you avoid the formula column from rounding up though? For instance, my mirrored column properly displays 6.5 (hours) in total but the formula column displays 7.


The way I solved this is by adding an extra formula column in which I use as formula just the other formula, as you can see in the picture below.

The “Amount” column is the mirrored column from the other board. To make it sum, I created a new formula column “Registered” which only holds the formula “{€ Amount}”. And, as you can see, then the sum is seen as normal at the bottom.

Let me know if my answer helped you somehow.

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