Formula with multiple mirrored values

Monday really needs to support Formulas with multiple mirrored values!

If you create such a formula, you are returned an error “Formula with multiple mirrored values will be available soon”, however there is no indication I can find anywhere on if this is even on the roadmap, or when it is expected to be available.

Not having this feature causes a LOT of manual work on our end, reviewing multiple columns to determine if an item is ready for the next stage in our workflow.

Facing the same issue and would love to get some feedback on this.

Definitely, it can reduce the extra effort of reviewing multiple columns and boards. It would be a great addition.

We have the same problem and Formulas with multiple problem would address most of these issues.

Somehow I remembered it was working at one point before. Can anyone confirm?

I have facing the same problem, what I want to know is when a Team Member will give a solution for us?

Also very disappointed this doesn’t work correctly - preventing us from summarizing many items into one value to dashboard.

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Still says “coming soon”. Any updates? At least a rough date estimate? Dont know how many months “soon” implies.

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I submitted a ticket related to this to see if I would have to give up or find a work around, and they said there is “no eta” for this feature being completed, which means they’re not actively working on it.


Yes, I agree - this is a needed function. Just creating a simple formula for listing attendees and their companies is a huge hassle. Ideally having them linked to a master table would be the ideal, and then then just being able to do something like FOR EACH {attendee} in {column} CONCAT {attendee}, ", ", {company} can’t be done, let alone where one might want to do more complex calculations.

Looking for this, too :slight_smile:

Same here! Very needed!