Subitem Formula Totals in Parent Cell

Is there a way to create a subitem total, based off subitem status and reflect in parent item? I can’t figure out a formula for this

ie: If Subitem status = finished, then add all subitems amounts in column Z to Parent Column A

Hi @audra_cwp - welcome to the community!

Depending on what you need to do, I would create a subitem formula column to display a number based on your criteria ex: IF({subitem status}=“Finished”,{Amount},0) - then take that subitem formula column and show the summary on the parent:


Hi @audra_cwp

Welcome to the community!

We have created an app called Rollup Subitems. A full video can be found here (starting at 16:20 for the RSI app). More information is to be found here. The app can summarize subitem data into the parent item and supports filtering by a dropdown column. The columns in the parent item are normal monday columns (not mirrors), so you can use the summarized data in other automations.

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That works, thank you!

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