Countif function to count subitems with a status of "----"

I am trying to use a COUNTIF formula on an item so I can count how many Subitems have the status of “Complete” and show it at the Item level.

For example I you have an Item which contains 10 subitems. At the item level I want to be able to have a column that looks at the SubItems and tells me how many of them have been marked as Complete. I then want to be able to use that number to report in Board level graph of how many subitems are complete.

hi @annadayton

I don’t think that is possible out-of-the-box. Subitem data can be summarized to a parent column, but:

  • that parent column is mirror (special type) and can’t be used in dashboards
  • it summarizes all status values in a kind of battery widget

There is an app called Rollup Subitems (see here) that can count the number of subitems with a given status. I can do much more :slight_smile: with summarizing subitem data.

Hi Anna
Hope all is well
You should be able to achieve this by using an if formula at subitem level
Then adding the Summary of the formula to the Parent item

Formula for Complete count is

Formula for To Complete count is

You can see that the formulas count the subitem status then roll up into the Parent Item

This can then be used in charts to pull through the information required

If you need any further assistance
Please let me know
Many Thanks in advance


I have a similar question: I have multiple subitems that are documentation I need to ensure arrive 7 weeks before a certain date.
I want to automate a notification to the client at that time if I am still missing certain documents, but the only subitem recipe that I can find requires all Statuses (say, “Received”) to be the same.


Is there any way to automate notification if not all subitem statuses are “Received” ?