Problem with subitems and time

I have a colum that tracks the time of subitems and a column that tracks time of other items
I want to have a third column that sums both but i have problems with numbers and formulas

RIGHT(“0” & INT({Subitems EA Time}+{Time#Hours}), 2) &"h "

Hey @santus,

Just to confirm we are on the same page, are you interested in summing the total subitem column with the time tracked in the associated parent item (for each item)?

I want to be sure I am understanding your current set up and formula :slight_smile:

Hi there Bianca, yes correct , and can’t understand why at the sum column I still see 0

Can you give this formula a go?

({Subitems Time Tracking}+{Time Tracking#Seconds})/60

It’s important to note, that for the formula to work correctly the time-tracking will need to be paused!

Thank you a lot, it worked just had to add /60 to show in hours

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