Sum of subtasks chronometers


We have a table where each lines got subtasks. In a subtask, we have a chronometer column.
We would like to have the sum of all subtasks chronometers in our table.
I did a browser’s plugin for that, but Monday doesn’t load all the DOM so i don’t have all chronometers.
Is it possible to get this functionnality ? (Sorry if it already exists, but i didn’t find it).


Hello @KaeLCe !

There is a function in a column that allows you to show a summary on the parent item! To access it, hover over the column name to the right side until you see three ellipses appear. Then you click on them to bring up the setting menu. If you hover over the settings option it will bring up a secondary menu that will say “Show Summary on Parent Item”. Once you click that it will add everything in that column and display it on the item. (See graphic below for visual)

Hope this helps!