New Timeline column version doesn't let easily change the start or the end date

Something changed with the Timeline column over the past few weeks and instead of letting me separatly choose the start and end date, I have to always select the start and the end date even if I only want to change the end date. That’s quite annoying if the timeline spans over many months.

Or maybe I just don’t know how to use the new Timeline column version, it’s not so intuitive.

Hey, you’re right. They’ve changed it and didn’t tell us. I cannot see any reason for the change. It’s now harder to use.

It used to work perfectly with the arrows: a) choose Start then End or b) choose Start and End independently depending on which arrow you clicked - handy for quickly changing the End date.

Now the arrows have gone. So, wherever we click on the bar in the Timeline column, we always start at the Start date. Then we have to click through to the End date - which could be 12 months or more away. Much slower.

To add to the mystery, Monday’s support page still shows the arrows. See “Shift your timeline by “X” days”

Why was this changed and made harder to use? Why not tell us it was changing? Or is it as bug?

Can you help


This could be a serious problem…
any help?

OK, I contacted Monday Support directly about this.

They said the arrows were removed because they confused other users. believe the removal of the arrows enhances the user experience.

I disagree.

I said this now makes an established feature harder to use due to lots more clicking required to edit End Dates.

Regrettably, there was no prior notice or consultation with existing users who rely on the arrows for an efficient workflow.

I have asked for the arrows to be reinstated - or at least made a preference - ASAP so that End Dates can again be edited easily.


I think these changes must be notified inmediately, same thing happen with the Bolt-Switch when it was moved to a non-sense location, loosing his main feature,

We resolved this with the hotkey CTRL+B, but has to make better the communications in order to avoid this to happen again…

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Hopefully take note of these comments and stop moving features around - or removing them - without advance notice.

We have teams of people using these features daily and I become the default Helpdesk when things suddenly change - or worse, disappear. It’s time consuming sorting it out when I have other things to do.

Please, listen to your users.


For me, this is a terrible change. Now when I need to change an end date, I have to first go back and update the start date. This is an unnecessary step on items that span many months. Not a good experience.


Commenting to raise visibility.

2 Likes Please change this behaviour back to how it used to be.

Or at least give us the option to toggle the arrows on or off.

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