About delayed requests

Hello Monday.com family.

In first place im happy to see your founders taking actions on Covid19 pandemic, thats great and as i response to the email received, im fully support all the contributions done and all the remote working tools that are being implemented.

But certainly being a little critical about delayed feature requests, i need to say this:

  1. Its a little bit anoying to see that you are making some improvements on the platform that im not sure if we as users are requesting, or at leaste are fully interested to see done in priority. Some examples:
  • Change item terminology. Recently done.
  • Making improvements on text widget.
  • Emojis enabled.
  1. I mean, this would not be annoying if other most important and massively requested, (voted on by the majority), features are not yet implemented, (IMO). Some examples:
  • Custom (shorter) Pulse identification and prefix defined by User (custom pulse ID)
  • Major fixes and improvements on timetracking column.
  • Fully mirror columns support on automations, mobile App, etc.
  • Fully customization on automations.
  • Fully column support on mobile App.
  • Fully columns support on automations (example today you cant work with formulas)
  • Dashboards - stacked bar still doesnt supports multiple boards.
  • Rollup and mirror columns doesnt support multiple boards linked.
  • Link to items based on selecting items, groups or boards.
  • Email integrations doesnt support sending uploaded archive columns as attachments.
  • Improve dashboards loading time when you are using too many widgets.
  • Improve boards loading time on App when you are using multiple formula columns.
  • Changing a status column value from a formula via automation or the formula itself.
  • Open card view when you click on item´s name instead on update view.
  • Info boxes notification icon.
  • Universal hashtags trough all account.
  • Operate with columns footheader (example numbers or formulas).

I mean, more or less there are many things to improve so that Monday.com improves every day more and more. And with all this need for remote work, the newly released 2020 new features like Monday apps, custom recipes and sub-items, I ask you to go back a bit so as not to forget all these requested features, otherwise we will always only be in one version beta with very good characteristics, and not what I think and I am convinced that it is, that is, a complete solution for all our processes.

As a Monday.com fan, i needed to say this to keep improving!

Hoping this will be considered by the team, cheers.

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:

First off I want to thank you for providing this in-depth feedback :star:. We always appreciate and value honest feedback which helps us move forward and work harder to help teams manage their work better together.

It’s important for us to be transparent about how we make decisions when planning our roadmap. There are a few sources that we use that help us track, monitor and relay our user feedback internally so that we get a well-rounded understanding of what all of our users voice to us. Those sources include: data from feedback in the platform, support tickets, our product consultant and CSM team feedback for larger accounts, user interviews, as well as the community.

The way we prioritize what to take action on depends on many different factors such as how critical is this to our users, how easy and efficient a feature or improvement is to implement, and how impactful it’ll be. Since monday.com is so flexible and customizable, there are many areas to add features and evolve.

I do want to acknowledge that most of the points you’ve mentioned are already being worked on and our development and product teams are already aware of the feedback. We work as fast as we can but we also want to roll these capabilities out right and make sure that they are reliable to our users. We appreciate your patience while we do that!

Thanks so much
Julia :dizzy:


Hi @Julia-monday.com i appreciate your words,
Thank you