Recurring Task Automation: Reset status column every month/week/x date

We have monthly recurring tasks in our SOP boards. I would like the ability to reset the status column every month automatically.


Hey Melissa

Thanks for the feedback! Can you give some more information on your use case as I think what you’re trying to achieve might already be possible with the automations available?

I would like to be able to reset a status column in a particular group say on the first of every month or every monday, etc. So if we have Monthly/Weekly tasks on an SOP board, they can reset automatically from Done to Blank.

Hey Melissa!

Would the combination of archiving done tasks and using the automation to create new tasks on a recurring basis work for you? I think it achieves the same thing. Or are you not wanting to lose the updates section when you create new pulses?

For us it’d be great if there was an option like Melissa said, to clear statuses but maintain the updates.

No, we don’t want things archived. It all needs to stay intact, just the status needs to change just like Krishele mentioned above.

Hi Julia,

I had a very similar discussion with Monday support via email a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping we could set recurring tasks much like recurring tasks in Outlook: set once, set to repeat weekly/monthly. Every week/month, that same task then appears on the board with a reset status and updated due date.

After Monday has passed, for my request, the status gets cleared and the due date gets updated to the next Monday. Becomes a sticky pulse. Not sure if that’s what the others want but definitely want to maintain the updates and info box.

The current automation for creating new tasks creates an item but the due date is static (or blank). Doesn’t get updated each week/month and we lose the updates which won’t work here.


Hi @MStevens and @JohnW :slight_smile:

I hear you with the automated process of resetting a pulse status and date on “x” day of the month. I’m going to pass this feedback along to our automations product team!

In the meantime, if looking to reset the status to blank based off the date, this may be of help:



If I use the automation you mention above, how do I specify to reset the status on the first of EVERY month? It seems I have to go in and change the date every month for this to work?

Could it work in conjunction with this automation:


So the Automation Lisa provided would change your status from “done” to “blank”. This automation would change the date once the status changes to “blank”. You can push the date 1 week so that every Monday it changes. It’s definitely not ideal but thought it might work until they develop a better option. Here’s what it could be like with the automation Lisa provided listed at the bottom:


Still need a solution for this one. Unfortunately, the added automation that JordanD suggested above didn’t work. Because our tasks are completed on different days, the deadline dates weren’t consistent. Also, because it was combined with the automation to change the status when deadline arrived and status was x, things were changing more than once and the statuses and deadlines were getting completely off track. :frowning:

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Hi MStevens, gotcha - thanks for the feedback! We’ve taken your request and passed it onto our product team for review. If you have any other ideas, feel free to keep 'em coming!