Recurring Task Automation: Reset status column every month/week/x date

you’d think this would be a quick feature to whip up and release due to how sort-of obvious it is that it should already exist. i’m a new user — any experienced user have insight into how long it takes and how often Monday makes these kind of usability updates? pricey tool and looks like this thread started seven months ago. this and having functions be a “Pro” level tool (I literally just want to subtract from a number instead of sum – even their logo for the “numbers” column has more mathematical symbols than can actually be used) are making me question if i made too hasty an investment in this app


I am just going to chime in here and say that not being able to properly manage recurring tasks is a huge disappointment. There are many other things I love about Monday. However, this makes assigning our VA’s repeating tasks very difficult. Even if we do create every task with the 1 automation to create a new task - managing those automatons sucks. There is no way to know what automation you are looking at without clicking through. Please get us a solution Monday!!!