Recurring task with date on certain day of the month

We have many recurring tasks that have to happen at a certain time of the month (making reports, filling in hours etc.)
If we make an automation however we cannot choose to make the item due on a certain day of the month. And because there’s no due date, the tasks don’t appear in ‘My Week’ overview of the assigned people.

So please instead of setting a specific date for recurring tasks, make it possible to schedule it every XXth day of the month.

Or let us know how to do this differently :wink:

Yes!! We have a board literally names “REOCCURRING tasks” I have set up automations to “push date by this many days when a status changes to this” however… if said person does not change the status on the EXACT date it obviously pushes the date out to the date after intended and so on. What I did to avoid this was I set up a line item for my example I will use MONTHLY STATEMENTS, with a status, team member, and a date column. THEN I create sub-items. In the subitems I have, a status column and a date column. Each sub-item is the Month and the date column is the date I want the team member to be notified. Example [SUB-LINE ITEM: JANUARY] [STATUS: NOTHING] [DATE: JAN 5TH, 2022] when Jan 5th arrives I have an automation to change the status to [STATUS: NOTIFY] and then NOTIFY the team member attached to the parent line and change the status of the parent line to “Working on it” When the team member has completed the task they change the status of the SUB-ITEM to “Complete” and another automation changes the status of the parent line to “Monthly statements sent” with the date it was completed (so that when we look at it we know it was completed from LAST month, not get confused about if its been completed or not THIS month) but all in all it would be way easier to just have the date set to a certain date every month when a status change. Hope this helps!!

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Thanks so much for the detailed reply, this really helps, we will work with this workaround for now. It does take much more effort than just having the option to repeat a task at a certain day in the month so @monday support if you read this, please add that function :slight_smile: .

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It’s crazy that this isn’t already a feature. Wow.

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I created a rule that says if Status = Complete, then push due date by 1 month. So if it was due on May 5th, it changes to June 5th. I also have a rule that clears the status column. This won’t work if you need it archived though.

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Any updates on this topic?

I bypassed the random dates by using subitems and automations.

Parent line is what the reoccurring task is : AIA’s
Subitems are the date each month.

When the date arrives it changes sub-item status and notifies owner
When owner changes sub-item to completed it changes PARENT LINE status to “AIA’s Sent” with the date it was completed

so when someone looks at this they can see the LAST TIME someone sent them and then the next notify date is specifically (manually) set for the 2nd Friday of each month.

hey how do you clear your status ?

Please add this feature, @monday :roll_eyes:

Hi everyone!

We’ve been inspired by all these comments about creating this feature and good news, we went and created the app! :rocket: We’ve just launched Recurring Tasks, which now allows you to create recurring/repeating tasks in your boards. It is currently in Beta so please download it, give it a try and we would love to know what you think. :smile: I’ll also be more than happy to directly feed it back to our team! If you want to book a chat with me directly, here’s my calendly: Calendly - Amalia Rubino Muñoz