Create a recurring task on 1st Monday of month

I need to create recurring task on every 1st Monday of the Month for every week of month and I don’t have any concern with the date.
So basically I have 3 columns Task, Assigned Date, Due Date
for eg
task 1 -1st Wednesday- 2nd Monday
task 2- 1st Friday- 2nd Monday
task 3 - 2nd Wednesday - 3rd Monday
task 4 - 2nd Friday - 3rd Monday
task 5 - 3rd Wednesday - 4th Monday

task - nth Wednesday - n+1 Monday
task - nth Friday - n+1 Monday

This needs to be done on every 1 Monday of month
Has anyone figured out any workaround for a repeat task like this?

Hi@Adit_Marvania ,
To automatically create recurring tasks on every 1st Monday of the month, you can use a workflow automation tool Make. These tools allow you to connect different applications and automate tasks based on triggers.

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