Finance Team Month End Timetable (Recurring)

I manage a finance/acounting team. Every month end, we perform the same set of tasks to complete our month end close process. Currently we have these tasks in rows on an excel spreadsheet with a column for each month. Within each month’s column, the date for each task based on the business day of the month (for example, task 1 is performed on business day 1 of the month). What is the best set up for this in Monday? My goal in setting this up is that once we are done with a particular month and all the tasks are completed, the next month will create itself with the same set of tasks and apply the correct date to each task based on the assigned business day of each task. Otherwise I will need to set up a new board every single month for the same set of tasks and manually pick the due date for each task. Thanks.

See if this help you,


Let me know if that is helpful or not

Hi NB, those videos were helpful thank you. I didn’t realise there was so much Monday related content on Youtube. I think I will use the recurring groups solution from the second video. There will still need to be some manual adjusting of the dates every month, but better than re-setting the whole thing up every month. Thanks, Lisa

Absolutely, I think Monday has a feature request in the works to make recurring items much easier

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