Finance Team schedule/timetable

We are a finance team who’s trying to manage all the tasks with monday.
Our goal is to organize all our daily,weekly and monthly work into a timetable in monday. Not the cash flow but the tasks only
Does any other similar team use monday?
which type of set up do you use to arrange your work? I’m seeking new ideas to set up the work management


Hi there,

monday is a great tool for this scenario! It sounds like you need to categorize and add labels to different tasks on a board and then associate them with due dates. This article on setting up a tasks board can help you get started.

When you are setting up columns, make sure to include a status-type column for the actual workflow, and one for its frequency:
Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 9.56.49 AM

The frequency could look something like this:

Depending on what timetable means for you, select a view such as the calendar or kanban. The date column can be set up as a deadline, too.

From there you can get fancy with some due date automations and grouping, but hopefully this gets you started!

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Hi There!

We are working with many finance teams on how they manage their tasks and how it interconnects with KPIs and SLAs foe the team.

Happy to explore options with you and see how we can help you produce an business hub that allows for a centralized digitally operationalized playbook!

Feel free to check us out and reach out to connect!

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