When Status changes to DONE, Remove due date / date

I would like to remove a due date from an item when the status changes to DONE without archiving it. Is that possible? I’m creating multiple automations based on due date, but I don’t want them to affect an item that’s been completed. Thanks.

Hey @jelitots - welcome to the monday.com community! I’d love to learn a little more about your use case. Is this a recurring task that you’d like to continue changing the due date for?

I’m not sure we have exactly what you’re looking for in terms of automations. Would it help to push the due date out by a number of days or to create a new item with these details (minus the due date) instead?

Hello there. I would also love this automation. For me the situation is this: I have a task set with a due date that is synced to my calendar. Once I change the status to Done it moves to the Done group with an automation, but because the due date is still attached to that item, it continues to stay synced to my calendar. I don’t want it to be archived yet or deleted (I want to do that myself as I review the tasks that I have completed), but I don’t want it on my calendar anymore, and it certainly doesn’t need a due date anymore if it’s a task that I completed myself.

I hope that you are able to add this automation soon. It would be quite helpful.

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Great suggestion, I have the same issue. Items that are Done but have a date in the future, still show in the google calendar as To be done. This is confusing.

My suggestion for a new automation would be:

When status X change to X, clear column X from this item.

This would be applicable to the Date and People column as wel. Also see When Status changes to DONE, Remove "Assignee" from People and Unassign when issue is set to done


Hi there, is there any news on this? I’d like to be able to remove the ‘due date’ from a job, when it is marked as completed too. If you could update us taht would be great. thanks

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@lauralev @Julia-monday.com @automation-team any update on this automation? It seems so trivial to implement and such a big time saver for a lot of users. It also keeps your ‘My week’ and ‘Everything assigned on me’ clean.

plus one to this feature request!

So far, custom Automations only allows you in the actions to set a date to “today”.

You can push it by X days, but not clear it yet.

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Hi all, Tom pointed out that removing assignees by changing a status column is possible now Unassign when issue is set to done

Maybe it does work with dates columns, I haven’t checked that yet.
I have an automation on the date column that after changing the status to done, it sets the current date and time. Works for me, now i know when it was solved.

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+1 on this request!

Any news on this feature?

GREAT idea for recurring tasks!

How do we make this happen?
How long will this take?
Thank you

Hi Monday team, pushing this again. Guaranteed others want this feature too and just haven’t posted about it yet. And this isn’t the only thread for this request. Is there a roadmap?

My use case is that I change status to “stuck” while I’m awaiting info from a client. At that point, my project won’t continue until I hear from them, so I don’t need a set due date. I’d love to have an automation to clear the due date column or set the value to zero.

Please advise!

This is much needed! You’vd got my vote.

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Checking in again. Monday team, do we have a plan for this?


Bump - would love this feature. We have a use case where once a status moves to Done/Completed/Green/etc. the due date should be set to blank, null, empty, etc.

Was a solution to this problem ever figured? I am looking for a way to remove a date range from a timeline column once a status is changed to “done”.


Nope - we’re still waiting. @Julia-monday.com @melissav-monday.com is there someplace else we should be asking for this? 2,700 views on this post in the past year

@th3p3arl @toleary @jgauthier @nikkilittle

I can provide a custom built solution to this missing feature, if having this ability is an important part of your workflow. Unfortunately this feature has been requested/mentioned in multiple other post, not just this one. If its in the works by Monday, I haven’t seen an ETA.

If anyone is interested reply here or message me directly.

I would extend this feature request to more broad:

“When status changes, clear value in a column”

My task is not related to dates I just need to remove “Points/Dates” value and ATM I can only set it to 0 (and I need it to be empty)

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