Move Item to Group When Date is Not Asigned


My company sells medical devices and I use Monday to follow up all my business opportunities which are identified as surgeries.

Each surgery has a status, which changes from “New Business” to several status until it arrives either to “Finished” or “Lost”. Another column shows the date of the surgery, which can ocasionally change and even be erased, waiting to be reprogrammed.

I have built automations to move my opportunities from one group to another by status change but couldn´t solve this issue:

The “date and time” column which shows when the surgery will be performed is crucial. I am trying to build an automation to be triggered when a date is not asigned and the status is something, moving the item from a group to another. I could not find any workarround using the custom automations of Monday, any suggestion?

It should say something like this:

When Date is unassigned
and only if status is …
Move item to Group …



Some thoughts…

  1. All automations in monday are triggered by an event, e.g., a change in a column’s value OR scheduled, e.g. Every day at 9AM…
  2. There is currently no way in standard automations to check for a blank date.
  3. Creating a custom process using the monday API and a little logic could accomplish this easily.
  4. There may be a marketplace app that will do this. But I am not aware of any at this time.

My suggestion would be to create a Make scenario to do this. You can find out more about Make here: What is Make & How can it help you with monday?

We currently have an app under review for the app marketplace that will set a status if specific “required” columns are blank. If that interests you, let me know.

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