Does Monday support specific dates to move items depending on a status?

Hey, community!

I’m new here but have been using Monday for a while. I have an specific automation I’m trying to build. The gist of it is

If status is Z move item to Xgroup at the end of the month.

Now my problem is that there is no automation that allows for a specific date to be set but only for a set amount of time that has passed. The automation I am referring to is:

When a status changes to something, move item to group after some time.

But sometime cannot be a specific time, but is only a set amount of time in the automation.

I am basically trying to automate a sale sheet moving monthly items to yearly at the end of the month. If anyone has a solution/workaround it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for anyone trying to help!
P.S. Maybe this should be in the Features request/Feedback section?

Hey @AKRep! Appreciate you posting about this! Would you be able to use this recipe?



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Hey, appreciate the reply @lauralev!

However, my due dates are not always at the end of the month. They are sometimes in the middle of the month and I need them specifically moved at the end of the month. The automation that you recommended does not allow me to specify the date it should be moved as it is tied to the due date or a timeline and not independent of itself. If I was able to set the option to just End of Month instead of relying on the timeline/Due date that would be amazing. Thank you for the reply again!

Hi Steven! Makes sense, this is an interesting edge case so happy to explore this more with our team internally! Appreciate your feedback! Cheers!

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Thanks for taking this into consideration! I really appreciate it! Looking forward to hear back from you!

@AKRep, happen to see this, how about a secondary “move date” cell that is marked the last day of the month?


@jason.clark I’ve thought about that but I need Monday to have these automated without me having to do an extra step of setting the date every time a sale item is created. Just like how there is an option for Monday to set a due date X amount of time after an item is created, it would make it easier for me, in the long run, to have this automated with no mistakes to be made!

I appreciate the help! Thank you!

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@AKRep, I understand and you are welcome

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I want something a bit like this. The use case I’m thinking of is: Once an item has been marked [done] move it to [archive] after [x months/weeks etc]

I can’t see how to do this at the moment. I’m thinking that I could maybe setup another column and put a date on each item when it’s been marked as done, but I’m trying not to add too many extra columns/complications. Also this would not apply to extant items…

Hey @vIQleS! In this case, are you looking to archive these items after a certain time frame or move them to another board called “Archive”?

If you are looking to archive these items, could you use the following automation where you’d set When as X months/weeks after the Date?

If you are looking to move it to another board, you can use a combination of two automations. Here’s a short video to show you how you can set this up: Move Completed Items to Board (After Some Time)

I wasn’t going to actually archive anything. I’ve just got a group called archive that isn’t shown in the battery.

I want items that are Done to be moved automatically once they reach a certain age so that the battery always represents “current” items.

Will that rule move items a certain amount of time after I mark them as Done?



  • Item 1

In progress

  • item 2
  • Item 3


  • Item 4 <—This one should move / x months after I mark it as Done


  • Item 5

Ah so in that video she’s talking about my original idea of having 2 automations - one to set a due date and another one to move the items after a time…

So no way to do this without the extra columns and multiple automations?

Hey @vIQleS,

Thanks for following up here and in order to accomplish what you’re looking for, you’ll have to use two separate automations, as shown in the video mentioned above. You mentioned that you have a group on your board for archived item, so instead of the items moving to a different board, you can use this automation:

In conjunction with this automation recipe:

I’ll be sure to pass your feedback along to our Autopilot Team, as I can definitely see the value in being able to achieve this with one single recipe!

I’d also second this as well as a date feature similar to scheduling in google calendar - first “thursday of the month” or “last friday of the month.”

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Hey @JohnMonte7, I can definitely understand how this would be useful! I would recommend adding it to the feature requests/feedback section of this website here:

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