Any way to make a due date a required entry in the date column in a board when creating a new pulse/item?

We have users who enter a pulse and person but often neglect to put a due date in the date column due to laziness or lack of time. They say they’ll come back to it but never do.

Any way to make a date column a required column in a board when creating a new pulse/item?

I know required fields are a feature of forms but we need required dates in boards.


Love this idea. :heart_eyes: And also the idea to make any coulmn required even beyond due date.

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Yep, would love to have the option to make any column a Required Column.

Our fledgling team of Monday novices are taking baby steps. They love the software but there’s a tendency to enter only the absolute minimum possible information (pulse and person). Constant reminders to enter dates fall on deaf ears.

They’re not harnessing the power of dates or deadlines - so My Week, overdues, timelines and other date driven Monday tools have no opportunity to provide all their benefits.

In effect, is becoming a glorified To-Do list.

Simple tweaks such as required columns would instill some discipline in data entry so the entire team can see the benefits of the rest of the software and collaborate better.

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Thanks for the feedback! I think I’ll move this to the features request category. How would you expect this to work? How would you ensure someone added such information?

How would you expect this to work? How would you ensure someone added such information?

As simple as it would in a normal web form or any database software.

After entering a new pulse and adding a person, if the user then tries to immediately start another pulse (happens here all the time), or click anywhere else on the screen, Monday would automatically place the cursor into the Due Date (or any required Column) with a tooltip asking for a date to be entered.

Something like:

Feature Considerations:

  1. There would have to be an indicator on each Required Column showing that it is required. Something like the red asterisk in the screenshot.

  2. Hidden and collapsed columns would have to be considered - perhaps Required Columns cannot be hidden or collapsed, only re-sized so that the asterisk is still visible and data entry is still possible?


Great mock-up John. Exactly what I was thinking. I agree with your point on not allowing Required Columsn to be hidden or collapsed. It’s something the Monday team would need to keep in mine during design.

I just noticed this automation:


That would help to a limited extent if we set a default due date of 7 days after pulse creation.

However, that would still allow the team to skip entering dates and potentially fill the boards with meaningless dates.

I’d rather the team enter real due dates for each pulse which they will think about and therefore own.