Set columns as required to be filled

Hi, one year using for students and teachers matters. I strongly need below simple workflow:

Currently we can open an item to fill columns, but…so many times some only change the status column and anothes columns are missed.

We need ability to apply restriction like forms, set actions needed completed to change status successfully.
Example: click status to done, immediately show anothers columns on screen that are required to be filled too.
Like form, we can set field as required or not.
After the conditions are accomplished, show option and ask, chenge next item? Or return to board view.

With that requirement applied we will ensure items will be filled as how the process is designed to provide the data that is the key of all to aim for.

I would also love to see this feature in but so far they only offer workarounds and additional App (extra cost) to achieve a simple yet very desirable solution.