Need advice on workflow concept - how to setup so tasks in a board autofill the "core" information?

I am experimenting with a concept workflow with each project being contained to a board. Lots of details to work out, but my initial help question is - is it possible to setup a workflow so a number of columns are automatically populated when a new task is created?

See attached image of project board in development. The red columns on right will be the same information for every task on that board. Of course, I do not want to enter the same information each time a task is added, but I do not have any ideas of what to even search for, for this type of automation. Ideas/recommendations please :slightly_smiling_face:


If, as you say, every “red” column on a board has at least the same initial value, the easiest way to do this is to use “Item default values”. They can be accessed as seen below:

They primary issue with using the defaults is that they currently only allow constant values. For dynamic values like “creating user” or “today’s date + X days” most of the time you can use automations to set these values. Beyond that, it is sometimes necessary to use a call to a Make/Integromat scenario or similar.

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@JCorrell - Default Values are a new feature (to me) and in experimenting they are perfect for this scenario! Thank you!

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So glad to hear the Default Values feature was a good fit here, @TLC-Troy! :partying_face: Let us know at if you run into any further questions!

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