Why cannot columns be mandatory?

Picking up the conversation on how to make columns mandatory (which is currently 12/1/2023 not a feature) is this on the timeline to eventually require? This PM has been around the block and MONDAY, is as any tool, is a spreadsheet on steroids. Requiring fields to be mandatory is database management 101, and as a PM trying to drive behavior the work arounds are not sufficient and things like a required DUE DATE, an assigned Owner, or estimated time effort numerical fields, should be optionally, selectable to be required fields when creating new tasks. It is a basic feature required by users and if MONDAY is ever going to grow up from a toy (like Asana & Wrike which has the same issues), leap frog the competition and become an enterprise tool like, Sharepoint or JIRA. Please consider this in your next release. Vote your support below.


This is where forms come can come in, where you can mandate fields. You can also specify a form be used for creating items.


What needs to happen, is the use of the form has be able to be mandated in the board settings for creating new items.

I do understand your request, and it may be worthwhile. I’m suggesting the above as a partial solution because it may benefit your workflow today - and any change to item creation on the board to have mandatory fields is a long way off.

Thanks Cody, aware of human behavior and the idea is most people are in a hurry and do the minimal, thus mandatory systems fields are required to drive behavior, otherwise managers have have to review, follow up, badger employees to enter data to drive accountability. Technology should insist on high quality & complete data inputs. Otherwise it becomes a database of ‘things’ no one knows who, is doing what, when it was due or why. Get your product manager to do a survey, I am sure it is a billable feature worth adding.

I don’t work for monday.com. I am just a Partner who, who works for a business that helps monday.com customers like you. At least for those who appreciate assistance and suggestions.

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PS Cody how did you get to that screen?

Hey there,

I completely understand where you’re coming from. As a fellow project manager, I’ve faced similar challenges with forms in a project management context. While forms work well for collecting structured information from end-users, they often fall short when you’re leading a team and need to ensure specific columns are filled out at various project stages.

No matter how much effort we put into conditional formatting, training sessions, or creating detailed work instructions, it can be a struggle to get teams to consistently follow the process and provide the required information. It’s one of those situations where the reality doesn’t always align with our best intentions and efforts.

If anyone else here has experienced similar issues and found effective solutions, I’d love to hear your insights and suggestions on how to streamline project management in a team setting within a discussion forum. Sharing experiences and strategies can be incredibly valuable for all of us in the project management community.

The customize screen? That is the customize tab when editing a form, in the monday.com settings subsection.

If you’re wondering about how i got the screenshot? SnagIt by Techsmith :slight_smile:

Amen Kate! Some of the improvements we are implementing are specifically in MONDAY, 1) creating automations for some fields (due date), adding an owner and adding conditional color to missing / blank items or items that have not been updated in xx days. In addition, as with any change management program are some basic steps and follow ups 2) Defining roles 3) Training teams on best practices, creating JOB AIDS, 4) Finally conducting freqent reviews of the information and most important rewarding good behavior, deadlines met and quality work effort!