How can you make columns mandatory on a board?

Hi , I am trying to mark few fields on my board as mandatory so who so ever creating an item must fill all these fields before it gets saved , can anyone help how i can achieve the same ?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @skm - I know it will sound odd, but there isn’t a concept in a monday board for mandatory fields. You can do a couple of things though instead:

  1. You can set default values for columns
  2. You can use Automations to set column values based on other values or actions
  3. You can use a native monday․com form to require certain input. Any board can have unlimited forms and you can set any or all fields to be required.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @skm,

In addition to what Deb is well describing there are some workarounds I use to define mandatory fields:

  • Using the description field to mark them as mandatories.
  • Using the conditional colouring you can highligth the fields based on some criterias. In the picture, the are highlighted if the field is empty.
  • Using a formula with a counter is also a workaround to show that certain fields are missing. This is an advanced set up that depends on the type of columns.
    Hope it helps.

Mandatory fields

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