Set columns as required to be filled

Hey @andrewalmand, thanks for looping me in!

@vdwest03—like @andrewalmand mentioned, forms would be the obvious solution, despite their limitations. We are looking into form enhancements such as supporting the people column.

Another solution could be using the formula column. You could have a formula that would give a certain output only if all columns are filled out. e.g. “if all columns are filled out, output ‘TRUE’”. Then you could filter by formula columns that had the value “TRUE” to see all of the completed items. Would that help?

In full transparency, making fields/columns mandatory is not on our roadmap at this time, but I can see how useful it would be for you here.

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Thanks for your insight Talia! Really appreciate the roadmap transparency!

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Would be great to have an option to make a column as required column

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Hi, there seems to be quite a few discussions on different scenarios where mandatory fields are required. I think there should be some standard functionality where any column can be set as mandatory on creation of the board and also be able to enforce non-standard mandatory columns through workflow (eg If status changes to “Done” make these other columns mandatory)

Hi Talia - what is this formula exactly? Thank you!

In the 2024 roadmap, there was a new feature for mandatory Fields…