Form View Feedback for Monday Focus was able to share the following with us on a separate post:

Since Monday will be focusing on Form View this quarter, I figured a compilation of Form feedback would be helpful. The following will be from both my personal Form View usage and other post I’ve see in the community:

-Ability to update pre-existing items. This is probably the most commonly requested feature regarding Forms and I think it’s often on users expect but then learn its not an option. I’m completely unaware of how this could work within the current Form View, and maybe it needs to be a separate but similar view? Item Form?
-Set default options per column. For example dates are currently set to the current date, which as a user pointed out in the above topic, means that a date can be skipped even when “required” with no user input. This would also be helpful for Status, Dropdown etc. At the very least, have a option to default to “blank” so that the user has to select something in the date example.
-Ability to set question order separately from Main Table Column order.
-Conditional Questions. All columns would obviously need to be prebuilt but for example, if Form question 2 is a status column, then set condition to show Column X as next question when Status answer is Y.
-Inclusion of as many other column types as possible. For example: People Columns. I feel like this should be able to function similar to a Status column. In this specific case, maybe its limited to Monday users on the account the form is sent from, or that’s an option that’s set per form.
-Formatting options for Form Field Descriptions.

More Advanced Requests:
-Integration to send webhook on form completion. Could open up some integration possibilities when coupled with the ability to update an item by form.
-Another possible solution to the first request(update item via form) would be the ability to pre-fill fields on a form once sent to user. For example, you could build a webhook integration connected with Integromat that, if you could prefill a form, could fill in a text box with the item ID of the item you want to update. Then if a new item is created, Integromat could use the information based on the item ID to update an existing item and then delete the new one. This would be quite a workaround and probably not ideal for most of the user base but I only mention it in the case that its significantly easier to implement compared to allowing Forms to update pre-existing items.

If anyone else has additional or different features they would like to see on the Form View, please reply here.



Feature ideas from this topic
-Skip Logic(similar to Survey Monkey)

Skip Logic like found in Survey Monkey surveys. We have been defaulting to Survey Monkey to create surveys that we use as forms (such as placing equipment orders) and using surveys to integrate into the workflow because of limitations within the Monday form that we need. I would much rather be able to keep everything If someone uploads files to my survey monkey form it does not upload into a board. This would be a good integration to add between Survey Monkey and


@Leslie1 Welcome to the community!

Thank you for the suggestion as well!

I would love it if the form would fill pre-existing items! This would be a game changer for us.


Hi @andrewalmand, @Leslie1, and @JSambolin,

Thanks so much for the feedback! This is super helpful.

Can you tell me a bit more about the use cases for editing pre-existing items via form? How would it improve your/users’ workflows concretely?

@andrewalmand, good news is that date column defaults to blank as of this week! Were there other specific defaults that would be helpful (that item default values wouldn’t solve) via form? We’re planning on supporting conditional forms in Q3! We’ll also look into broader column support and formatting options for the form fields.

3 Likes we have incoming offers (Real Estate related) populating on an Offer Board. Once our agent selects which offer will be accepted we want to be able to fill a form out that will populate additional information on that same item before sending it to a coordinator to open and manage the file. If this could be done, it would be amazing. I am happy to send you more specifics if needed.


Great to hear! Thanks for that update!

I can’t think of a specific scenario, but anything that requires a selection from the user; Date, Status, Dropdown etc. would benefit from a default selection option.

I’ll start with a very specific example of when I discovered you couldn’t use Forms to update pre-existing items.

User: Furniture Manufacturer
Goal: Send customers a satisfaction survey after a completed order has shipped.
Tools: Monday, Integromat, Email service, Webhooks
Proposed Setup: Item on High Level Project Tracking Board is marked as shipped. A new items is created on Customer Satisfaction Board. Concept of process involves sending a customer a generic “How did we do” email with 5 different links(associated with how they rated their experience). Based on what they choose(which link is clicked) they are sent to a different Monday view form and asked a set of questions. A “Not ready” link is also in the email in the case that the product hasn’t been installed yet, separate form is sent this case. Responses are cataloged and items on the Customer Satisfaction board move between groups depending on response or not ready. Follow up question for Google review based on previous responses.
Actual Set Up: Item is created on new board. At the set time, an email is sent and the original item is moved into a bottom group, “Sent”. Customers response based on choice in email, generates a form created item(2nd item) in the appropriate group. If customers response is “Not Installed” then new item is created via form in a separate group, to have the process restart at the designated time. Once a response is given via the satisfaction form the process ends. Minimum two items created(original + response) item and no way to automatically link them. 3+ items created from one original item if install is delayed. Original plan was to have another group for Google reviews but was changed in order to reduce the number of times a new item was created via forms.
Notes: While this works, the biggest drawback is not being able to link original items to form responses. Customers can misspell project names or change them so relying on that doesn’t work. Also if something happens between emailing the first set of forms and the customers response(failed email, sent to wrong person, lost by receiver) its hard to follow up as the original item can only show that it sent an email, and needs to be moved to prevent clutter. Best case scenario would be one item that moves through the workflow seamlessly and is adjusted based on customers responses.

More generic examples:
-Sales related funnels like the real estate one mentioned. Anything with contracts or updates required from an end user would benefit from a “rolling” form(or different forms) that could be sent at set stages to request information/documents from the customer.
-Shipping information. Missing info can be identified and a request sent via form to the customer to update/add info to a line item.
-Can act like a file upload link for long term design projects. If a form can be set per item, a link can be provided to a customer who can upload inspiration, drawings, plans etc. throughout the project lifespan.
-Addendum request. Would help automate and improve turn around time if the customer could submit a request like this. That could trigger any number of other notifications, integrations or automations within multiple departments.
-Site Visits. Could be used in a multitude of industries. Visiting a customer to get some specific information on an open sale/project etc.? Have an item based form link ready to open and fill in the exact information required.

Hope this helps! If I think of anything else I’ll add it in this topic. Really appreciate you letting us know about the upcoming updates with Forms.

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Linking to another Topic that just popped up. Similar to the scenario I gave about the customer satisfaction survey:

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@andrewalmand Thanks for mentioning it here.
It would be amazing for all the users out there in the market, If we come up with these features.
I’ll see if I get some other feedbacks as well for the form view.


Tracking survey response rates in addition to responses would be another use case for updating a pre-existing item. From a workflow perspective, an item is created to initiate survey with information for form/survey. For a project survey, client, contact name, contact email, project/product name, consultant name, survey date would be initially added columns on the item and survey response (checkbox or date) and survey question results would be updated when the survey form was completed. Using data from the item would personalize the form experience (i.e. consultant or contact name versus generic text).

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Hey all! Thanks for the continued feedback—we really appreciate it, and feel free to keep it coming :slight_smile:

@andrewalmand, just wanted to let you know that we have just released the ability to set question order separately from the main table column order! You can drag and drop form fields to be in the order you’d like them, without impacting the order of the columns in the main table view. This is released to everybody.

Still working on everything else. We’ll keep you updated!


On the form it would be convenient to choose the date format DD/MM/YYYY

When a date column is used in board view there is the ability to add a time as well. This is missing in the form view and would be very handy. Eg. We use a form for clients booking a preferred time and day

1 Like Thank you Talia! Really great to see some feedback her become features!

Keep it coming :wink:

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Thanks @YannD and @Davedvine for contributing on this topic! Those are great pieces of feedback around the date and the ability to add the time to the date column.

Those are needed improvements for sure, and transparently we have a lot of requests and are now deciding which to prioritize.

If you have use cases around marketing/creative/design users for these features, definitely let me know, because that will be particularly helpful in prioritizing them (we have a marketing focus group working on the forms now).

CC @andrewalmand :slight_smile:

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