A "yes or no" button in an email to change a status - Open

Hey Everyone…!!
Actually I am in need of this which was already discussed on this forum earlier but to my understanding, The solution was not exactly perfect as per my requirement and even Jotform cannot fulfill the purpose.
The reason why it can’t with the existing solution because, It wont update the corresponding item’s status for which the receiver receives an email or sms with form link(either monday or jotform) but It will create a new entry when it comes to monday.com form and for Jotform, One has to create seperate forms to capture and update the status of the corresponding item through form.

Note :- Creating a separate form for each item is too hectic as you never know the limit of your board pulses.

Earlier topic link attached :- A "yes or no" button in an email to change a status

Can anyone help me out with this?
I have a solution to update it by developing an app and update it but If there is any existing solution, that would be appreciable…!!

Also submitted this as a feature request.

We run sign off processes through monday and for a stakeholder to be able to just press a yes or no would be really handy.


I Agree that it should be added in a future roadmap.


This unfortunately wouldn’t work anyways because Forms only create new items, and currently cannot update existing ones. And like you’ve mentioned, incorporating other form apps doesn’t help because you can’t realistically or consistently tie the form responses back to the items on Monday.

BUT we currently have an open topic with Form feature ideas since Monday is focusing on them this quarter. I think if Forms could update pre-existing items this could work for you just fine. Imagine it this way:
-You create 1 Item Form View.
-You choose the status column you’ve made with a “Yes” & “No” option as the only question.
-A link is generated for a sharable Item Form, per item on your board.
-You send that link to your client and they complete the form, updating the item on Monday.

This only requires 1 form for that specific question and you can either automate the sending of the email with the link or manually distribute it.

Now if this isn’t what you are imagining for your workflow, you might want to look into Webhooks & Mailhooks. I’ve been able to teach myself enough about webhooks to get by, but I feel like there is a way to retrieve the data from someone clicking a link in a email, retrieving said email data(so you can link it back to your monday item), and then acting on that hook somehow; updating monday, redirecting them to a form or just simply recording data.

Hope this helps! I’m going to add your specific scenario as a use case example in the Form Feature Suggestion topic.

You got it right, And we need to get a generic solution for this, As we know that it would require the item’s specific Id to update the columns value.
But It is possible though.

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This is not a complete solution. More of a concept that someone else might use to get there…

The basic idea is to use Integromat to use a webhook to update the monday board.

  1. Create a Integormat scenario with a webhook, webhook response (optional) and monday update
  2. Use the format links to put in the email in the format: https://hook.integromat.com/lkjsu7xfvlkjdsf8945ew4fsdfg?ItemID=123123123&YesOrNo=YES
  3. Create the email with the links substituting the ItemID with correct item id.
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