A "yes or no" button in an email to change a status

Hey crew,

Is there anyway I can put a “button” or link in an email that will change the status column in a item?
For example, I have a list of people in a Board, each person is a item.
I want to ask them a yes or no question. I want that response to update a status for each person.

I thought it would be cool if in an email I said: If you want to help out, click the “yes” button.
And they would update their status in Monday to yes.

I can do it via a form (jotform or survey monkey) but this would just be one less step for them.



Hey @Chris_M

I see your question is pretty old so maybe you have found the answer already but I think the best way would be to have your users send in their preferences via a form which is connected to the board using the forms view.


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