Automation that send email with button that affects the linked board status

When status changes, I want an auto-email to be sent out that includes a button that the receiver can use to change the status of the item back in the board on

Basic flow:

  1. Email is generated to the approver
  2. auto email should include a button or two buttons for “approve” and “reject”
  3. approver clicks button and status on board changes appropriately

I don’t believe the functionality exists natively to include a button in an email that can change a status on the actual board without coding something or using an API.

Two suggestions that might suit your needs.

  1. Set up an automation that emails the approver of a project when a new item is created on the board where they can manage the approvals/denials.
  2. Create a form submission that generates a board item, sends an email automatically to the approver, and then they would be able to approve/deny/arbitrate each submission within (with automations to alert the person submitting to any changes in status)