Requesting update on an item

Is there a way to easily “ask for an update” from the item or board members on an item. Other than actually writing an update that says ‘please provide update…’

Hi @deena !

You can do this with a status change! If you designate a label in your Status column to saying “Needs Update” then you can create this really cool automation:

Here you would choose that label from the Status column, write the message that would show up as a notification, and then you can choose to notify someone based on the team, people column, or even a single person every time. My favorite is to use a people column so that it notifies the correct person that is assigned to each item.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Jailyn!
Is there a way to do that within the update button? Like a quick button that adds an update to an item saying “what’s the update on this?”

Actually solved this with adding column of a button, and set automation that when hit button message of asking for an update is added as update to that item. Thanks @JulieLucidDay :slight_smile: