Need better forms

Hi. The forms view in Monday is a game changer, but it is very limited and doesn’t look professionnal. The branding, the look and feel should be highly customisable, we should be able to sort columns as we see fit, not necessarily in the order we have in table view. We should be able to customise the submit button text, add html to thank you page, customise that thumns up thank you page for something much more brand-appropriate, have multiple questions on the same row, remove branding, etc. I really like how Elfsight has done it’s forms widget. It should be more like this. AND big demand here : we should be able to add a form as en html embed. Not only having separate page, but a form as an embed inside an existing webpage. Should be easy to do with a simple tag. Anyways, I think Forms need much more love.

Hi. I agree BTW on all you wrote. Just one thing you can embed the form already. In the preview settings link there is the iframe code. In case you missed that.

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Oh ! Thanks a lot, yeah I missed that one ! :smiley:

I agree on most of them!
Main problem is the inability to design the form, no drag drop, no rearranging, not real flexibility of the sizes of the fields.

Also the way we get notifications by email for those forms and replying to a customer regarding a form submit should be improved.