Remove branding from Forms

We want to use the monday forms view in order to get feedback or contact requests from our customers on our website. Currently, we can’t do this because of the branding that is included, as it doesn’t look professional with a logo of one of our IT providers on there.
Even worse is the advertising banner on the thank you page after the form is submitted. Totally unusable for us in this way, and actually only usable internally.

Of course having more formatting options (like you have with mailchimp) would be even better, but for now, removing the branding would help a lot. Since we are paying for the service, I don’t see what it needs to be there.

We had the same thought initially, have you checked TypeForm or JotForm? Monday forms are very easy to use and free but limited. You can find some pretty powerful features in the above mentioned forms and they integrate with Monday via the integrations center.

TypeForm is very polished and you can create beautiful forms.


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Certainly, that’s one of the alternatives we have (love typeform), but now I’m using a 3rd piece of software, just because of the branding issue. It’s an extra but unnecessary step, especially for a simple contact form.

I’m assuming that removing the branding is 5 minutes of work, it’s just removing some lines of html and css in the iframe code, that’s all… Hoping can make that work.


Agree, you can save additional work / expense if they just give you the option or remove. I favor removing or optional as well, hopefully they allow it soon!

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Fingers crossed! Remember to vote for the suggestion, as far as I understood the dev. team looks at the votes to determine priorities (at least one of their criteria).

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:+1:t2: definitely voted!

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I’m getting really frustrated with Monday and a few things like this I’m running into.

Starting to think it might be time to just swallow the current expense in subscription and development, and look for another solution.

Voted, and will just hope for some sort of resolution, or at least a response soon.

I just joined Monday a few weeks ago, and I’m loving it! It’s hard to respond to all requests, etc. all at the same speed, so I’ll give them time. I’m sure they’ll get to this. I just hope they can prioritise it because it’s an easy fix, you don’t need and R&D team for it.

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I think 90% of users hate that feature. I love monday and implement it in my country to other clients. I think this is just a bad policy from the management. They want tu use our forms for greater exposure. Hopefully senior management will realize that this is just wrong.

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Totally agree with the above.
At the moment we use so many tools. Having one less by being able to use the forms would be so nice!
But the branding (specially after the success message) does not look professional.
Having the “professional” pro account it should be possible in this plan to remove the branding.

Reordering the questions (different order than in the puls/taks) would be nice too…

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It looks awful! We’ve just upgraded to a paid version, and had expected to be able to remove Monday logos and sales campaigns. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to even use the Forms tool now. Really disappointed.

Hey Monday Team, has there been any updates on this yet?


I have put in numerous requests, including during a recent video chat where monday was looking for my feedback. We have a wix website for one of our company sites and just use one of their built in forms. Its VERY simple, but it works. I’d like the responses to that form to be easily and automatically added to an inquiry board in our monday account, but currently am unable to. I explained that using the monday form is just out of the question because of the default CSS settings make the form very laborous looking and so I don’t want to scare off potential customers because the form looks like more work than its worth. See the screengrabs (first one is the monday form, second is our basic Wix Form). Until these features are offered, we just won’t be using the forms function, which just adds more labor to our workload.

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Any update from Monday on this? As an amateur programmer, I know this isn’t something that takes more than 10 minutes to fix, so it’s purely a company decision. Or is it more complicated than I can see from an outside perspective?

It would be great if the Monday team can give us some insight into how they’re looking at this.

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They’ve added support for this but you need an enterprise account.

Oh wow! Any idea if they are planning to do so for other plans? I have a Pro account, and I think it would be ridiculous if they don’t allow it for Pro accounts.

I even asked about enterprise and was told it’s not applicable for my company because we are too small. Branding (with huge banners and logos) isn’t acceptable for a paid product.


No idea. I just saw it on our Pro account.

@reinhardts agreed.

I suggested to Monday to remove branding about 6 months ago. I currently have 25 Pro users and going strong. The branding for Pro users is not tasteful and makes the form look like a free trial/freeware.

It’s ok to have it for the Basic or even perhaps the Standard subscriptions, but definitely not for Pro.

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Hey guys

This feature is now extended to also Pro accounts :slight_smile:


This is amazing, thank you and Monday team for listening and implementing.

What a great company!

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