Remove branding from emails generated through the Gmail or Outlook integrations

Use case We use the email integration to send automatic email updates to our clients (we are a marketing agency) about the status of a pulse – if we’ve received the request, it’s in progress, been completed.

Pain point We see there is “Powered by” branding at the bottom of these emails. 2019-06-05_14-41-50

This does not look good and is confusing to our clients, as the support was provided by our agency, not Additionally, we are not using for free, we pay for the service. So we do not expect branding to be in emails to our clients or other external partners.

Also, we have these emails automatically go to our Support Slack channel. So now, we have the Monday logo and link out to Monday junking up the channel.

Impact We are no longer as enthusiastic about this email integration, and probably will not add it to any new places until there’s an option to remove the branding, or at least customize it (in the same way you can your own account branding and email header branding).

workaround We first contacted support. There is not a workaround, it’s just simply not possible to change at this time. We were told our feedback would be passed along, but I also wanted to request it officially in this forum.


Hey @Gretchen! Thanks for sharing this and I can certainly understand what you mean. We want our users to still be excited when using our integrations so this is important for us to hear! I went ahead and marked this post for our product team to be aware and they are also monitoring the feedback we get to our support team. :slight_smile: I am honestly not sure what our next steps for this particular topic will be but we are always mindful of our users’ concerns so it is likely that we will improve this moving forward.

Thanks again for sharing this and feel free to post other feedback as well! :blush: