Remove branding from emails generated through the Gmail or Outlook integrations

Use case We use the email integration to send automatic email updates to our clients (we are a marketing agency) about the status of a pulse – if we’ve received the request, it’s in progress, been completed.

Pain point We see there is “Powered by” branding at the bottom of these emails. 2019-06-05_14-41-50

This does not look good and is confusing to our clients, as the support was provided by our agency, not Additionally, we are not using for free, we pay for the service. So we do not expect branding to be in emails to our clients or other external partners.

Also, we have these emails automatically go to our Support Slack channel. So now, we have the Monday logo and link out to Monday junking up the channel.

Impact We are no longer as enthusiastic about this email integration, and probably will not add it to any new places until there’s an option to remove the branding, or at least customize it (in the same way you can your own account branding and email header branding).

workaround We first contacted support. There is not a workaround, it’s just simply not possible to change at this time. We were told our feedback would be passed along, but I also wanted to request it officially in this forum.


Hey @Gretchen! Thanks for sharing this and I can certainly understand what you mean. We want our users to still be excited when using our integrations so this is important for us to hear! I went ahead and marked this post for our product team to be aware and they are also monitoring the feedback we get to our support team. :slight_smile: I am honestly not sure what our next steps for this particular topic will be but we are always mindful of our users’ concerns so it is likely that we will improve this moving forward.

Thanks again for sharing this and feel free to post other feedback as well! :blush:

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Hey! Can I get an update on this? We are looking to integrate these automations as well, but there is no way we can do that with your branding on outgoing emails. It’s pretty obnoxious as a paying customer. Thanks for your help.


Also would love an update on this.

I also noticed Monday has added their branding in the Excel export of boards. This graphic is annoying and also difficult to delete for some reason.

We are a paying customer, please remove.


We have a macro that formats the board as we’d like, and the first thing it does is deletes the monday logo, as we are only leaving monday to share info with clients and the monday logo (which annoyingly is linked to monday) just confuses people. We really need our logo or no logo at all, and wish these extracts came in plain data csv format, so we could integrate easily to our reporting tools.

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Hey Mike!

Shelly here from :slight_smile:

Thanks for this additional feedback! We really appreciate it! I hear you and I understand what you’re saying and I’ll be sure to forward it (and this thread in general) to our product team for their review. I’ll update you as soon as I have more information!

As you know we’re all about transparency and it was definitely not our intention to make our users feel like we’re being unclear. Sorry if you felt that way!


Definitely agree with this one. We want to give our clients access to boards/ dashboards which we’ve invested time into configuring in advance so they can just start using the system instantly. The more we can align all the touch points (emails, forms, boards) with our own branding the simpler and more pleasant the experience will be for our clients. More happy partners will ultimately lead to more app sales. The products is great and you should be pushing your brand out there but focus that on new audiences, not customers who we’ve already brought to you.


I cannot agree more, that the Monday branding should be removed from the Gmail automations and Excel exports. We use Gmail automation internally, and I still find the Monday branding to be intrusive and distracting. I would be hesitant to ever use the automation with an external client for that exact reason. Please remove the branding for paying customers, especially those of us with the highest Enterprise accounts.

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This seems like such an easy fix and is clearly a reasonable request

Why the delay Monday?


Any updates on this one? I’m looking into right now and also noticed branding in places such as shared boards.


Hello, yes.
we need some feedback on this.
besides this, our logo icon on shareable views and forms still 40x40 px and is barely visible Is there an update on this? I am an investor in multiple companies and I made them all start using But now we are running into some limitations that are not acceptable. I made some other comments as well elsewhere. Regarding this topic: effectively the directors of the companies have - rightfully so - decided not to use form-integration and e-mailing via The whole purpose of using is now in jeopardy. So please can we get some specifics about this topic? What has development decided? Is there a roadmap? Is it going to stay as it is (for paying customers)?

1 Like It seems this feature is not on the list at development - is that indeed true?


Removing the logo from the email and updates should be an easy fix. Nobody wants your branding as it confuses our clients and does not look professional. We want people to know the message is coming from our company with our logo. This has been requested for at least a year now and nobody from has done anything to add this simple thing. This is common sense. PLEASE SOMEBODY FIX THIS ASAP!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this has been fixed already and should be closed right?

I’m setting up our email integration and not a single test email has had Monday branding.

@thekvd & @Rpmlv1

Correct, this improvement has been made and e-mails generating from our e-mail integrations no longer have branding.


How do I put my branding on updates and emails?

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March 25
@thekvd &


Correct, this improvement has been made and e-mails generating from our e-mail integrations no longer have branding.

@Rpmlv1 - Are you looking to put your own company branding in these updates and e-mails? At the moment our platform does not support the ability to do so.

Yeah, I would like to. How do I put my branding on the emails that come from

Kind Regards,
Tod Wever

Principal/Broker, PRM®

DRE# 144020

Rentmax Property Management
P702.478.8800 | F702.441.0225 | C702.525.1777




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I can only speak for the Gmail Integration. When my automations fire, anything in my Signature appears to the receiver. The emails from Monday are actually sending through my Gmail account as in I can go to Sent and see them.

So as long as you have all that in your Signature in Gmail you should be good to go. I believe the Outlook integration is supposed to work the same in a lot of ways so that may be good too. I’m also a bit new to Monday so forgive any ignorance!