Confirmation screen after form submission

Hi all,

I’m just testing the functionality of using a Monday form to get customer data entered into our CRM board (used as an enrolment form on our website).

I’m attaching a screenshot of the screen I see after submitting the form on a test page I’ve set up.

We will not be able to use the form unless we can remove the part I’ve circled on the screenshot. It is ungainly and confusing for our customers/prospects and I wouldn’t want them seeing this after they’ve filled out our enrolment form as it makes for a clumsy user experience.

I understand that you’d like to promote the platform to prospects yourself, but I think you achieve that with the “Powered by” tagline you have in place currently. Having the extra ad in place makes it unusable for us. Please could you remove it?

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Hi @MarkHHH

Could you share the screenshot as it was missing on your original post? We can then take a closer look!

Cheers :slight_smile:

My apologies, but thanks for checking in on the comment :slight_smile:
Screenshot attached this time!

Please have a feature where this can be removed. It’s very confusing for the customer and, in my opinion, looks unprofessional. I would also like to add that the feature to add a company logo to the form needs to be overhauled as well as it pulls the logo from the TEENY TINY logo you can upload in Monday and it just doesn’t look great.