Requested date column updates are coming soon!

Your time means a lot to us, and as we all know, in work management - time is everything.

Hi everyone, Im Orit from the boards team, and I’m excited to share we will be focusing on creating a better experience for our time columns (date, timeline, week, hour…) based on the feedback you have shared with us in the past few months.

In the first phase, we will focus on data inputting, which will be much easier:

  • Keyboard inputting and pasting

  • Date picker shortcuts (easier navigation and parsing)

We believe that this phase will save a lot of time and you will be able to work on the board much faster (productivity is king!)

We would love to invite you to test our new experience, save time - and provide some more of the great feedback you already shared.

How to sign up? Fill out this form.


Being able to have a start time and an end time on the date picker is vitally important and should be a priority item in this body of work. Without this functionality the calendar is a redundant feature. We need to be able to create blocks of time.


Completely agree, without being able to select times it makes virtually unusable for planning events.


Definitely need to be able to pick time blocks for events. I can’t believe in this day and age we are stuck with a calendar that does not have these features.


I’m not sure if this is in scope of the improvements, but being able to use the timestamp in the date column to trigger automations would be a game changer. Instead of having to pick a time when the date arrives, our time-based triggers would be a lot more useful if we could schedule them to be +/- minutes or hours from the timestamp in the date column.


I signed up for the alpha and received an email on 7/18 saying that it would be opened up in a couple days. Is the new date picker working for anyone else that signed up for the alpha?

Not working for me yet

@Orit Can I be added to this? I see the Alpha group is closed yet I need it to show my team.
Thank you!

@Orit is there anything in the works to allow us to select/enter a time when using a form? Either in the date column or the hour column.

I’m confused how this basic and obviously necessary functionality seems to have been skipped while you’re instead working on improving things that already work.

Are you incorporating better Time options within the Note function on the item feeds as well?!?
It is really annoying to not be able to set up a day for a note in order to write down a notification for that item that happened at an exact day, so that when I open the feed, I can see it as a time line. I have posted about this before around a year ago, but so far no news about that. And I am aware that we can create a customised Note, with which we are able to set a date and time (with begin and end, like an appointment), but that is still no the best case scenario. :slight_smile:

Hey Carla!

I’ve chatted with the team who have confirmed that there is a plan to work on supporting the new date picker in forms but we do not have a set ETA just yet…the aim is to have this prioritised in next iteration - we appreciate your understanding of this :pray:

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