Visual indication on each pulse that there is information in an Info Box + checklists in Info Boxes

Request a visual indicator on each pulse that there is information in an info box.

Looking at a pulse in a board, there is currently no way to know there is more information in that task without clicking several times into it.



Thanks for adding this - beat me to it!

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Hey @JohnW and @rick! Thanks for sharing this! Can you let me know a bit about how you use the infoboxes? We do plan on working on this area of the platform so this is great to hear. :slight_smile: Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us!

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We use them for our event wrap-up notes and sprint retrospectives. Once the event is over we archive the board. If it is an annual event, we’ll duplicate the archive and then the notes from last year are conveniently sitting right at the top of the board.

I’d love to use the Add Files box but waiting for the OneDrive integration since I don’t want to create duplicate files.


Yes, I would love to have this feature added. We use info boxes for “evergreen” content for that particular job (specifications, creative briefs, etc) and I often overlook that info since it isn’t quickly obvious.


To build on this, it would be nice to have the option to add checklists to Info Boxes. It’s only available in the Updates section right now but it’s frustrating because those don’t copy over if I duplicate a task (whereas the information in info boxes does).


Thanks for adding to this discussion Maraby and welcome to the new community! We’ll pass this along for consideration! :v:

Checklists in info boxes we can use in templates would be really helpful!


I agree that this would be great way to highlight this content. At the moment it is largely hidden so we rarely use it to store information.


At the moment it is largely hidden so we rarely use it to store information.

Yep, that’s the main reason that we don’t use it. The info is hidden.

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My team doesn’t use this for that same reason. I’m sure we’d use it more if there was an indicator that something was there in an info box.

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Hey everyone! Thanks for this amazing feedback! :smile:

Are checklists being used as subtasks for your bigger tasks/projects? It sounds like a few requests that are happening here-

  1. The ability to include checklists in infoboxes.
  2. The ability to show an icon on an item that there is a note/file/Q&A (or checklist if it was there).
  3. The ability to incorporate checklists in pre-set templates or your own templates you create.

Is this correct? Let me know and I’d be happy to share this with our team!


That would be great, Galit. I think your number 2 on the list should be the primary one: a visual indicator of content present in the info boxes would greatly enhance their usability.


Hi Galit,

The original point of this feature request was number 2 on your list: an icon to show that there is content in Info Boxes. Refer the screenshot in my original post at the top.

The Info Boxes are being under-utilized (at least in our team) due to no pulse icon. We don’t know which pulses have content in the Info Boxes so we don’t use the Info Boxes at all.


Agreed, item #2 regarding an infobox indication is the priority here.

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Perfect summation for me.

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Hi Galit, from Argentina im Hernán.-
I was about to post the #3 feature you mention…
In our company we are ISO9001 certified and we use various types of forms with checklists of the technical work that our employees fulfill. I would love to have the possibility of make a board to replace our old work order system, the pulse would be the work order and i imagine entering on the info boxes section, and select “Forms/Checklists” button, and choice one of many checklist/info forms previously created for the work procedures we do, so the technician can complete the information of his work.
I think that a PDF exporting will be required in order to print this forms or send to our clients,

Hi Galit and John,

John’s suggestion is great and would be so useful for us. In regards to Galit’s questions:

  1. This would be helpful because I am currently tracking multiple contributors on one task with checkboxes in the updates section (each person is a checkbox option), but this task repeats every month so the ability for it to be copied over when I copy the group of pulses it’s in would be great.
  2. This would be helpful because I was planning to use the info box to add more detailed information about the task that the pulse represents, and I wanted to keep Q&As in the pulse to create a record of what needs clarification about the task. I don’t know how I’ll keep on top of Q&As if there is no icon/notification.
  3. I would like this for the reason in number 1.

Thank you!