Visual indication on each pulse that there is information in an Info Box + checklists in Info Boxes

I know this is a bit older topic, but i was just about to post same request :slight_smile:

I think visual indicator/icon that there is a note/file/QA or any other information in Info Boxes is a crucial addition. Its really painful to click on each pulse (and there can be lots and lots of them) just to see if there is instructions, specifications or some other important information stored in Info Boxes.

The design that OP showed would be more than enough :smiley:


I support this feature request. I find the information box easier and more visually pleasing than the updates area so for a long time I was adding notes in the information box, but I found having to click in to a pulse every time tiresome so I stopped. Having this indicator would definitely be helpful!


I strongly support this #2! Impossible to use the info boxes without being able to see on the main page that the pulse has content in the info box. Small change, big impact

I was about to request exactly these features before I found this. Disappointed to see this topic discussed over half a year ago and no updates have been made.

I feel that a checklist makes a lot more sense to be a feature of an Infobox rather than an Update. Currently, we are putting a checklist in an update and pinning it to the top. However, we need a checklist feature that anyone can add to. An update can only be edited by the user who created it.

Thanks and hope to see process on this soon.


Can comment on this topic and its status? There seems to be good response to item #2. Currently the infobox area is not useful as there is no indicator that it is populated. A bad work around is to use the chat box. Can you please update us?

9 Likes and It seems like this feature request has quite a few votes. I would also strongly support #2, info box indication, and think it’s essential for anyone to even use info boxes. It could be so useful, but right now it’s hidden. The ability for multiple users to edit the info is crucial, as opposed to an update–where no one else can edit the info. We’d use it to store more detailed information on an item that could be updated/changed by the entire team. A great overview that wouldn’t get buried in the conversation and allows multiple users to contribute. Also it would be helpful if the info boxes could export with the board, similar to updates.


10 months and 29 votes. Any chance we can see this on an upcoming release? This feature is still crippled by a lack of any indication.


Yes, agreed. We don’t use them for this sole reason.

We would use Info Boxes if we had an icon on each item indicating there is content inside them.


I’m going to vote on this as well, actually I need to vote. As we are working more and more from home nowadays information is still cluttered and difficult to find while not being able sit next to your peer.

We would like to use the info boxes and QA to add important information to our project. Unfortunately, It’s missed now… people don’t open every QA box to see if someone left a comment. For us this would be an essential function, like the others are mentioning in this topic. Please consider to improve this rather sooner than later.

On the positive I do see you are implementing new features and functions which is great to see but sometimes even small things can delight your customers : )

Thank you for taking this into consideration.



In this case, a small detail (missing icon) rendering a potentially great function (Info Boxes) unusable for us.


Is there any update on this feature? It looks like something that is not that complicated to execute but would help a lot and improve usefulness of Info Boxes by huge margin.

Also when you add files or change notes in Info Boxes, Last Updated pulse should also change to reflect this, at the moment even that doesn’t happen so there is absolutely no way to know if someone changed something inside info boxes or even if there is anything in them without manually checking out each pulse. This almost makes them unusable


I would also like this feature. ALso when duplicating a board, I can’t seem to duplicate it with the info box. I’m using it for documentation for a board and want to duplicate it for testing purposes and am expecting an exact copy including the info (actually I want info and not updates).


Another vote for #2 - seems a strangely obvious omission that doesn’t seems like a major fix


Happy 1 year anniversary to this request! I hate to be negative but this is honestly astounding for such a seemingly trivial amount of coding with an exponential return in usability for a core feature.

Could or or anyone else on the team chime in? Should we abandon hope from ever being able to use the Info Boxes?


Thanks, yes we need this too!

Yes, please! I’d love to use Info Boxes everywhere, but they’re virtually useless without an indicator in the main list.

I was also surprised there’s no way to add an extra column with that info. So many column types but not a seemingly core informational one?

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@nautical9 Still waiting 12 months later

Quite some time ago Tom indicated that they were working on the detailpage section of an item A bit far fetched and speculative, but maybe that’s the reason we do not see any changes here yet.

I can’t think of another reason not to implement the indicator. The indicator would probably get us working with the Info boxes, which we do not do at the moment because it’s to hidden. A shame of the functionality there.

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Agreed. Such a simple request. 41 votes and counting. Zero response or updates in 12 months.

Would be great to get an official update on low-cost features such as this from

I try and stay positive and enthusiastic about’s efforts but it would be good to see action on small requests like this one.