Visual indication on each pulse that there is information in an Info Box + checklists in Info Boxes

I’m happy to have added vote #50 to this request, when I last posted in this thread voting had not been implemented yet. I would love an update from the monday team on this as we have a few users who love info boxes and use them consistently but others still miss things because there is no indication that there is anything in the info boxes.


I have sended via @support (in june) some feature request for info box, and told me that they are phasing out usage of the Infoboxes; they will no longer be given further functionality in the platform.


Oh. Good to know. In that case, I’m glad we never used them. All because of a missing icon.

I guess the Files column has taken over. For us, it’s a better solution anyway. is this true that file boxes are going to be phased out? If so, will you let the current users know?

We use the infobox for the various rounds of revisions and packaged files. Having some sort of visual indication would have been a HUGE help, but we still worked around it as this was the way we found to not clutter the update section nor have upwards of 15+ file columns spanning across.

Why does not see the need for this? For this to be project management system and not have a way to keep the files with the project seems odd to me.


I didn’t know this was requested so long ago. We like to use info boxes as a task description and use updates for…well updates on the task.

If you can’t include an icon or some indicator that the info box has content, would you consider making the info box the default view for a task or give us the ability to choose the task default view?

Thank you for your consideration.