Info Boxes Deprecation and Bug

Hey there,

We are new to the fact that Info Boxes are now deprecated but hunting around on here it seemed to have happened at some point last year (in app messaging please about deprecated features)

Issue is now that some people in my team can’t see info boxes and others can. Not that the tab is missing but is just empty.

Yet others see this for the same item

I’m an admin, an owner of the board and also an owner of the item but can’t see it. Support have said they aren’t fixing bugs which leaves us a bit high and dry as some people now can’t see any info boxes they created

we recently made a strategic decision to deprecate the infobox from our platform. Since we don’t want to completely eliminate any feature that our users know and use, we decided to leave the feature open so we won’t damage or interfere with any existing processes, this is the main reason you can still see it on your end. On new accounts, we are slowly removing this feature.
Therefore, and since we do have to prioritize the bugs and missions according to effort, complexity, and scope, I am afraid that our devs won’t be able to tackle the infobox bugs at this point.

This comes at a point where we are just about to re-sign our contract!

Ok, so now my entire company lost access to info boxes and all data stored in them meaning that Monday just became unusable for us. Still getting the same answer that devs won’t work on this.


We just had the same thing happen to us. The company keeps information in the info boxes pertaining to workflow and efficiency.
We joined the platform in January so the depreciation is new news for us.
Has anyone had a situation where reactivated their teams Info Boxes?

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We generated over 900 template tasks, each with their own custom Info Box. As of this morning, all of that data is lost.

“We decided to leave the feature open so we won’t damage or interfere with any existing processes.” This has not been our experience, as Info Box data is gone.

How do we get that back?

It seems to be a bug as they have informed me that they are releasing a fix. Doesn’t change the fact they have deprecated a feature without taking anyone or offering a migration path to another solution.

You’ll need to shift your info box data to somewhere else.

Slightly worrying for a company soon to be valued at over $6bn at their ipo.


Looks like they have fixed it as it is back for me.

Now we just have to work out how to manually move thousands of info box entries to another place. Woohooooooooo.


For now we are moving the info box information to the update box and pinning to the top. It is going to take some time… and by some I mean a lot.
We didn’t think we’d have to use them, but we also created process docs as a backup to pull information from. A lot of unexpected cya work.
Good luck to us all!

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