How to create automation using data from Info Boxes?

I’d like to notify clients when an item changes status. As we’ll be tracking documents and information inside Updates/info box fields, we’d like to share that info with the client. Is this possible?

We can’t invite the client to the board because we have many clients and need to keep confidentiality.
Any other ideas for workarounds are welcome.


Hi @ouroboros12321,

You should be able to do this using the gmail/outlook integration.

This is a screenshot from the Gmail integration.

You won’t be able to add any information from updates, but most column types should be supported in the message. You might be able to collect the information from the updates section using monday Apps, but this would be a bit of a custom build.

I would suggest storing the information that you would like to send to your client in a column.

Thanks, @mitchell.hudson. I’ve played with integrations, but fields from Infoboxes/Updates do not apear in the “Email” fields.
Regarding custom apps, do we have the ability to use Infobox/Updates fields? I played around with the custom section but don’t see that ability.

Hey @ouroboros12321! Info boxes are not support in our email integrations. Would you mind letting me know what kind of information you have stored in your info boxes? I’m wondering if there’s anywhere else that information could be stored, so that you could use it in the email integration :blush: