Info Boxes - Current Status

I thought I read somewhere that Info Boxes were no longer a part of Monday, but that if you’ve been using Monday for awhile and have utilized Info Boxes at all, they will stay a part of your Monday. And that new Monday accounts would not include Info Boxes. Is this true?

If it is true, is there any way for us stuck with the Info Boxes tab to request you remove it from our Monday?


I would like to be able to hide them as well. Especially if there are no further plans to extend this ( potential useful) section.

We are not using them since they are not properly implemented (no indication of info boxes that contain information). The way they are implemented now sometimes leads to confusion working with clients adding documents into info boxes which will be overseen by team members.


New accounts are no longer getting Info Boxes by default. I looked to see if they were available in the Item View apps in the Marketplace, but they aren’t listed there. I’m following up in the partner community to find out if we can get them removed.

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