Support User Permissions for plans under Enterprise

Just some feedback on something I find frustrating as a partner.

We’re trying to create amazing monday boards/ dashboards to help our clients but it’s so difficult when we don’t have full control what different users can and can’t do when logged in. In particular:

  1. I’ve just been informed the new workspaces feature I read about only has permissions for enterprise clients. So what i was advertised in the support area wasn’t actually what I could get which wasn’t made clear at all (

The result was wasted time setting up workspaces which I now need to remove. As a small agency I wanted to have a workspace for each client, but our team members only need to see their own clients. Without permissions though they see everything, just blank workspaces with no boards. So after the initial excitement, I’m having to switch back to folders as at least they disappear when you don’t have access to any boards in that folder.

  1. The permissions tab in admin not available - The fact that this is considered only relevant for companies on enterprise is a massive oversight IMHO. It’s not a flashy feature, it’s fundamental to being able to create a suitable user experience for users in companies of all sizes. Currently we’re in a position where basic users are able to delete automations and integrations, create boards, export data, all without our knowledge. I was told the only way to prevent automations being deleted is to adjust the board permissions so they can only edit pulses assigned to them, which then prevents them from adding pulses! It’s all a bit of a mess and unlocking user permissions would really help us to safeguard so low level users can just see what they need to see, and do what they need to do… without needing extra training to say, please don’t touch this and don’t touch that.

Please review this as it seems all the functionality is there, but for enterprise only which suggests you don’t think it has any value for regular businesses which is 100% not the case.

Thanks Monday. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I agree with above, permissions are also very important for smaller companies. @Jack basically explained concerns we also have, so I don’t need to repeat them :slight_smile:

We still haven’t implemented Monday in whole company, at the moment few of us are slowly designing boards and moving our workflows to this platform, but having option to set permissions both for Workspace (who can see them) and overall for accounts (to prevent people doing stuff they shouldn’t) would be massive improvement. And that’s is something, as @Jack said, that is needed on all levels not just for Enterprise companies.


We are in the same position. @Jack said this perfectly well. As a business owner, it’s strange not having the ability to have a workspace only for the partners/upper management.


Im fully support this request


Agree totally.

I get that is trying to create unique features for each plan - particularly Enterprise - but they are not getting the mix right.

We need more granular permissions on the Pro plan. Providing “advanced account permissions” to the Enterprise plan only is mistaken.

Looks like it’s frustrating many Pro plan customers (us included) who need permissions closer to Enterprise but seem to only have the same as Basic and Standard.

Let’s hope they listen and respond.


I was also disappointed that this was locked down to enterprise only :weary:


I couldn’t agree more with @Jack… you have explained my thoughts exactly.

However, on reading up a little more on this I believe that all workspaces are visible to all users even on Enterprise plans - they just have a lock icon visible to anyone who isn’t a part of that closed workspace.

+1 here for more permissions options on the Pro Plan. Ideally we would like to be able to edit user permissions at a workspace level and if a user is not invited to a particular workspace then it is not visible to that user.

Furthermore, as @Jack mentioned the workaround of assigning user to pulses and setting boards so that users can only edit pulses assigned to them means they can not add new pulses to the board. We have worked around this with a whole heap of awkward TBC pulses created for users to edit, but it then interferes with reporting on our boards and getting an accurate picture of what is going on.

On every single board (or preferably at a workplace level) we want to assign permission by user, not have a blanket permission for the entire board.


Pay for functionality is a good business model.
Pay for permissions is a terrible business model.

This is something I just cannot wrap my mind around with Monday. Along with the insistence on placing the logo on exported reports and email.

Monday is a big enough entity now. Its time for them to start acting like a grown up company. These things are bush league.


I’ll echo that permissions would be nice at the Pro plan level. We have multiple facilities using one account. One facility set all their boards to private. Then we couldn’t share what we were doing and see how their boards were set up to implement best practices. The work around was adding a select few to the private boards. Except now I get useless notifications from them when they complete a task. Like many have said they are implementing inefficient work arounds to use the software.


I support that. Also price changing without anouncing to partners are not good option. I still don’t understand the pricing. Sometimes its 5 user minimum, sometimes 2 users, sometimes price is lowe, sometimes higher. We would like to have a seat at the wider table when it comes to increasing the sales. I have just started and It makes me uncertain.


Agree with all the above. Permissions are needed for smaller companies as well.
Hope Monday will switch the button to allow it for pro plans as well.


We are in the same boat. It’s very frustrating. We will hit a level anywhere near the cost of an enterprise account, but yet, have so many reasons why we need to have those permissions.


Finding out that closed workspaces is only an option in enterprise boggles my mind. How can one have a team (even if you’re on Standard) where more sensitive tasks can be added. I understand the point is to be collaborative, but now I have to use a whole different tool for sensitive items that should only be shared with, let’s say, a specific executive team.

permissions shouldn’t be an upgrade


+30 on this thread shows i’m not alone on this one then. Can someone from Monday provide some feedback?

We want to go out and sell bespoke monday boards/ dashboards to our clients but it’s hard to have the confidence when every user has the ability to add new boards, edit automations, edit integrations all without us knowing.

It’s happened in some of our accounts and when the clients ask us to lock it down so basic users cannot do this, our only response can be “I’m afraid that’s not possible” :frowning:


Yeah, it’s really quite shocking they’d lock this behind enterprise.

I managed to get a sales rep on the phone to see if they’d allow access to this one feature. I was politely told at 30 users we were not big enough for them to consider making an exception for, but it’s worth noting they might have if we were bigger, which just seems mean spirited. We really want it, but we can’t justify the Enterprise plan as it is right now (which is around double that of the already costly pro tier).

The software is great, the support is outstanding, but the price plans are really anti consumer for anything other than big businesses that would make use of multiple perks the enterprise offers. It’s a shame as it sours what would otherwise be a great user experience for our team.


Same position here. It was good we tested this prior to inviting all members. Not sure what happens if you let in clients as guests and they jump into everything non-private.

So the default setting for boards is now Private and we need to hand pick members for each board. The tool is good, but this permission thing is frustrating and could be potentially dangerous.

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@PeterS said “Not sure what happens if you let in clients as guests and they jump into everything non-private”

Guests can only see the names of the boards they are invited to. They can’t even see the folders and workspaces, just a list of boards.

I’ll have to play around in Enterprise to see if this is true for that level as well. However, since we’re talking about Pro and under, I just tested it just now on Pro before posting.

Somewhere in the community, I remember someone asking for the folder structure to be visible to Guests. Frankly, I’d prefer they not see that, just their shared boards. We use Client names frequently in our navigation structure, and don’t want to have to use non-descriptive folder titles or acronyms just for privacy reasons.

1 Like do you know if it is in the pipeline at all to review account permissions below enterprise level?

I really just want to stop basic users from adding their own boards and editing automations.

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hey @Jack - Bradley here stepping in - at this time we don’t have any plans to add account permissions to non-enterprise accounts.

I’ll make sure to share it with our team so they are aware of the feedback.

Not even some basic permissions for Pro plan users?

The current permissions model is all (Enterprise only) or nothing (everyone else).

Really surprising since so many Pro plan users are SMEs with teams who need basic permission requirements and will never have the need or funds for an Enterprise plan.